If You Are a Dragon… Stand Up!

I rarely post anything like this. However, I have the feeling this may bring comfort to readers feeling “too different” in a world that not only seems to aspire to conformity, but also dictate (often impossible) standards. That is a social virus that’s borne of — and spawns — deep self-hatred. It can strip us of our innate… Read More »

Family Names and Faerie Evidence

Many people contact me about faerie roots and their family names. Often, they’re looking for something that says, “… and John Smith’s mother was a faerie.”  (With “John Smith” being replaced by the name of someone in the family tree.) Few records are that straightforward. Wonderful books like The Door Home and the Borrowers series help us remember… Read More »

Daisy Heart – Messages in Nature

In the past, I’ve talked about faerie rings and the importance of Nature in faerie work. This video, produced by Susan Jones (Redhead Business Films), features Shamanic healer Annie Day. “Daisy Heart” is a remarkably deep and meaningful exploration — and explanation — of another faerie-style flower arrangement, a daisy heart. To understand how deeply you can study… Read More »