Faerie Doors, Everywhere!

Faerie doors are turning up everywhere. Here’s a wonderful video about a town that has many of them.

(You can also see still photos at this article: If you walk around this town, you’ll see these tiny “fairy doors…”)

I’ve been making faerie doors since the late 1990s. They’re so much fun, and easy for you to make, as well.

However, if you decide to make (or buy) one, be careful where you place it. If you put it against a basement wall — beneath ground level — you might attract dark and mischievous faeries. Some of them can be unpleasant.

Here are some instructions, if you’d like to make your own faerie doors. You’ll also see photos of (easier) faerie windows: How to Make Faerie Doors


Author: Fiona

Fiona Broome is an author and paranormal researcher. You can visit her personal website at FionaBroome.com.

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