How to Make Faerie Doors (and Windows)

The following are my notes from my first “gnome door,” created around 1996. 

I’m looking for my photos, but — meanwhile — I’ve included some pictures by an artist who’s made similar doors in the past. Hers didn’t include staircases, but she did make some “faerie windows.”

The “door” that I made is actually a door and a staircase. Here’s exactly what I did…

Faerie door by Aisling
Faerie door, courtesy of Aisling D’Art.

I went to a dollhouse store and bought the parts: A nice little door that swings in its frame, and it has an brass doorknob with key, that I purchased separately.

I also bought a staircase (with banister), and a piece of wood to use as a landing, so the stairs don’t butt right up against the door.

I painted the door a nice cobalt blue, and most of the woodwork for the stairs is white, as is the door frame. The tops (tread areas) of the stairs and the handrail itself are all Hookers Green (a nice forest green).

The most difficult part was putting it all together. Nails don’t work well on these little parts, and the wood they use is really hard.

So, I used wood glue (white glue doesn’t do it, even “tacky” glue). Then, I held the pieces where I wanted them, until the glue set. (This involved sitting in front of the television set, holding pieces together, for nearly an hour.)

Next, I reinforced the glued-together areas with hot glue, in places where it won’t show.

After that, I used a carpenter’s level (a little plastic one I bought for about a dollar at a Home Depot) to get it straight, and propped the whole thing against an outside wall, inside my living room, right where I wanted it.

I marked beneath it with pencil, where it touched the wall, and put two finish nails there, for the landing (and door) part to rest on.

(We’re in an apartment, so this is a temporary arrangement. When I have a house, I’ll probably do something more permanent.)

I also bought a cute little mailbox at the dollhouse store, and that’s resting on one of the stairs right now.

Also, I found some tiny little nails (and had to use my smallest jeweler’s pliers to hold one while I nailed it into the door); that will hold the little Christmas/Yule wreath I bought for the door, too.

Next to this whole display, I have a nice big grey rock that I picked up when I was last at my favorite beach in Maine.

At the back of it, I hot glued a few twigs that are the right size to look like trees. And I have some miniature gold & silver stars that I bought at the fabric shop, to hang on the “tree” branches at Yule.

Faerie windows, in progress
Faerie windows, before assembly. (Photo courtesy Aisling D’Art.)

Finally, I picked up a miniature rose bush (in bloom!) at the grocery store for about $4. I’ll re-pot it in something more proportionately correct. But, for now, it’s next to the staircase and it’s pretty.

After that, I rested the two keys to the door on the top step (the doorknob & lock are just “pretend,” but the keys came with it anyway), in case my little visitors decide they’d like keys available.

faerie window
Another faerie window (Photo courtesy Aisling D’Art)

The whole project took about three days of my spare time, far more than I expected. But I just love the effect!

The results were immediate. We’ve seen and heard fae folk in the apartment, ever since the door was rested against the wall.

For more ideas, see my article, Faerie furniture.

(Note: The faerie photos on this page are from my cousin, Aisling D’Art. She isn’t making these right now, but — until I find my own faerie furniture photos — agreed to let me use some of hers as illustrations.)

Author: Fiona

Fiona Broome is an author and paranormal researcher. You can visit her personal website at

15 thoughts on “How to Make Faerie Doors (and Windows)”

  1. The “door” that I made is actually a door and staircase two keys to the door on the top step I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Very nicely done! I find this whole site intriguing. I cannot wait to explore it further. Appreciate you sharing your experience and expertise.

  3. hi,
    I have always loved faeries!
    do you attach this door straight to the wall?
    and also i have 2 cats both have bells on their collars, does this mean faeries will be scared off?
    thanks xxx

  4. I too have the name Fiona. I’m actually only ten… my grandmother tells me stories about her childhood. She met the 2-3 foot ones, and they braided her hair as a child. I want faerie friends… I have none. I want to see if I can meet them. Thank you for these tips.. time to open a mouse hole! Also, are faeries afraid of rodents? I have a hamster as a pet…

  5. Hey Fiona let me start by saying you are amazing, i love your website. I have always been interested in faeries and believed in them, thos past few month my interest grew, i have been going through all the websites i could find. I am most definitely going to make a faerie door. I live in cape town south africa, do you think there are faeries in my country? I know it sound like a silly question but i have not found info on faeries in south africa. All my love Tiffiny

  6. I am a fanatic with the Realm of the Fay. I have a lot of extra time and I need instructions to make genuine, nature made faerie furnirure to add to my human faerie land. I look forward to all of your help.
    Faerie Chris

  7. Fiona, thank you so much for such a wonderful / brilliant / fascinating / incredibly interesting / gorgeous, site! I’ve been reading through all the posts and comments ever since I discovered it a few hours ago and will definitely add it to my Favourites.

    I just had a look on Etsy – for the not-very-handy people, there are some amazing fairy doors! (just search ‘fairy door’ and heaps will pop up. There’s a stunning little tooth fairy one too, complete with a pouch … something like that could be adapted to a generic fairy door, with offerings left in the pouch. A lot of them are very reasonably priced and would be ideal for people who can’t source all the right materials where they live.

    I see Etsy also has little fairy houses listed … oh my gosh, I’m going to have to stop there before I find anything else ;-)

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