First of all, hardly anyone sees faeries (or fairies), full-face and in bright light. Most people see them slightly out of straight-on vision, or out of the corner of an eye. (When you look straight at them, they vanish. Part of this may be the legend that you can gain control over a faerie if you are able to look him/her straight in the eye.)

What faeries look like

Many people see  small faeries as little balls of light or shadow, flitting around the room. The lights can be white or pastel, usually. In our house, these are about two or three inches in diameter.

Here’s what they might look like, outside:

Faeries in the park

The small ones are more likely to interact with you, and–frankly–I think they’re the ones who hide things.

For more information, read Blurry spheres of light – what faeries really look like .

The human-sized faeries don’t seem particularly interested in us, when they appear. They interact on a personal level, in Underworld journeys and in dream/messages. However, I don’t think they’re “borrowing” shiny and glittery objects from us. That wouldn’t make sense, from their demeanor.The larger ones can range from two- or three-foot tall “gnome” size, to people who look just like you and me, or even larger.

Among the smaller “gnome-sized” ones, I usually notice that they’re wearing something red, and some green (usually a moss green color), but otherwise I don’t see them long enough to give a good description.

The larger ones (human sized, or larger) tend to be wearing more somber colors, often shades of tan or brown, the sort of thing peasants wove in the Middle Ages.

But, when I see these larger figures, they appear for about 1/10 the duration of the smaller ones, and they’re usually striding quickly as if going somewhere in my apartment. Perhaps they’re just passing through our dimension/world briefly. I have no idea.

I often see a cloak billowing behind the human-sized ones. It’s not a huge cloak, just a normal one as someone would wear for casual, everyday dress. The color is usually a warm brown, similar to the color of hot cocoa, but more reddish like oak.

Are these all faeries? I haven’t a clue. They seem to have something in common, including their manner of vanishing, so–for now–I call them all “faeries.” (Again, we get into the question of whether “faeries” are just the small–often winged–creatures, or can faeries be larger and/or include the Tuathai?)

But it’s not just seeing them. As an artist and author, I’m visually oriented, so it’s probably natural for me to see them, more than anything else.

Other people hear them but don’t see them.

Keep your expectations reasonable, and you will be rewarded.

For more tips on seeing faeries around you, read my article, Seeing faeries.


34 Responses to What Faeries Look Like

  1. Kassie says:

    I’ve heard (and read and watched (in movies)) stories of faeries appearing to the naked eye as insects. Not merely someone mistaking a faerie for a bug, but changing their appearance to look like a bug to keep humans from seeing them. Is there a possibility that this actually happens?

  2. zach wilson says:

    several years ago i came across a list of things that may attract a faerie, honey, milk cake, shiny objects (i used some quartz, and amethyst), and that it would be best to clear a spot in the corner of a room that people dont visit often. so i decided that the best place in the house would be the back corner of my desk across the room. i laid out the things, and added a little more here and there for a week, and one day around 6 p.m. in the summer, i was watching t.v. in the living rooom, when a bright light caught my eye from outside. when i looked at it i saw a glowing orange ball floating around, and while i was watching 2 more joined it, i watched them for about 2 minutes, and the whole time i was hearing faint bells. my parents were in the room too, and i asked them if they saw anything otuside while it was happening and they said they didnt. i know beyond a doubt that they were faeries, and am pretty sure they were thanking me. the whole time i was doing this, i was always much happier in my room, and in the corner i set aside for the faeries i would always see tiny flashes of light, and see shadows moving during the day.

  3. Fiona says:

    Kassie, I think it’s entirely possible that they may be able to shapeshift into the form of bugs, or create a glamoury that makes them appear that way. The ancient stories about Merlin — who became a kind of faerie, as a Green Man — suggest that this could be possible.

  4. Fiona says:

    Zach, thanks for posting this comment. That was really nice, to set out things that the faeries would like, and it sounds as if you were nicely rewarded for it, by seeing them.

  5. hannahlilli says:

    hi, i really believe in them and infact my friends and I………….. this may sound stupid………. but………….we are actually faeries though we are also human, and are teachers are witches..

    Please reply,


  6. Fiona says:


    I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say. You didn’t ask a question.

    Baffled, Fiona

  7. jafraldo says:

    Hannahlil that sounds almost unbelievable, amazing if true!

    I hope you have fun and enjoyable relationships with humans while on p. earth it is a great place enjoy your stay!

  8. Bekee says:

    is it true that faeries are on a different plane or dimension to us? if so could you please explain this concept…if that isnt too much trouble, i would also like to add how wonderful this website is and also being able to read and get an insight into other people’s experiences ia really interesting.
    thankyou fiona.

  9. Fiona says:


    The idea that faeries live in a different plane or dimension isn’t new. It’s described in novels such as The Mists of Avalon, and this concept is documented in quantum physics.

    If you want to research the scientific side of this, you can start at Wikipedia and the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, and also look into Multiverse concepts.


  10. Laura says:

    I don’t quite agree – though I’ve only seen one human (ish) sized faerie, she was six feet tall, or about, and she almost always wore shades of gray or blue, though once I saw her in bright blue, trimmed in red. She stuck around me for three years or so (I have no sense of time, so I can’t tell how long exactly). She was rather distant (I got the impression her attention was devided), but I still saw her once a week or more, and sometimes I could sense her there for hours on end. I could hear her on occation. I’m not sure how else to describe it, but her voice sounded like blue-tinged, pure chrystal. Soft, but with possibility of an edge; clear, but with more than one way of seeing it.

    Then again, I think I may be related to them – the fey, I mean. I’d love to find a good way to tell for sure.


  11. I dont see fairies much often.How could i see and be friend one?

  12. Fiona Broome says:


    There are many articles at this website that explain what to look for if you want to see a fairy. However, to befriend one, you first must see them and earn their trust.

    That said, some faeries are not very nice. Be very cautious about them… as careful as you’d be about approaching (or trusting) a human stranger.

    Fiona Broome

  13. darrell says:

    I agree, and would advise any seeking to see the fey,to go with caution.I have had a long aquaintance with the fey( to spite the ney sayers that think I am crazy). I first met them over 20 years ago in a wooded glen not
    far from my home while meditating. After that first encounter I left a variety of gifts in all wooded areas:from
    glass marbles,tabbaco,incence,to precious and semi-precious stones,food and drink. I cant say for sure
    the exact reason but in general ,They seem to like me and I them.(although there are exceptions). I would
    advise any seeking them , be patient wait for them to initiate contact. Never to mock them or try to force the
    issue.Most of the people that I have met that veiw the fey as evil,either have a darkness in themselves,or mistake the pranks they play as evil. An example that I had was many years ago before leaving good stones
    (which I kept in a pouch on my belt) I went in the glen leaving glass trinkets as gifts,on my way back I saw a
    stone on the path than another,checking my pouch I discovered that over a dozen stones that I had in the pouch were gone ,finding only two while back tracking I laughed aloud , saying oh so you dont want glass anymore. The point being from my experiance it is more how you respond to contact with them that decides
    how they will treat you. If you treat them with respect and in good humor they are likely to befriend you. I have
    also encountered certain troops that in general dont like people,luckily so far those that are of ill intent(and you’ll know them) have been out numbered by the friendly troops,who have on oft occation warned me of
    ill intent heading my way(both fairy and non). My personal question is; could our ancestery or bloodline be
    at the basis of both encountering the fey and their like or dislike of us? sincerely darrell

  14. Diana says:

    One afternoon, just after it had rained I noticed a brilliant small bug flying outside my window. I had to double-take because I swear it looked more like a fairy. It had a deepish blue (human like) body with bright orange wings. I went outside to see if I could get a closer look. I guess in what is true fairy fashion it buzzed around and kept disappearing from my view. When It did finally get close enough it resembled a bug, but like Zach, I heard a faint tinkling bell sound as well.

    So, I think is some truth to what Kassie and Zach have written.

    I also saw the same bug/fairy again on another occasion. I feel so privileged and lucky to have seen a fairy :)

  15. Shawn says:

    I tend to “feel” them more than “see” them. I’ve only seen faeries 3 times in my life and I consider myself blessed for that. The first encounter was walking through a park in Queens NY, It was night time , A woman stood in the distance .She was tall ..very tall, i’d say around 7 feet. Long black hair and violet eyes that seemed to almost glow. She was wearing a long purple dress and was sort of see through. Her presence was strong and kind of dark (not bad or evil) . It scared the crap out of me! I actually ran away i was so scared..haha
    The second time was after a circle, this may have been an angel or Deva not 100% sure it was a faerie. It was huge like 7-8 feet tall had wings and was wearing some sort of robe. This was clear as day and looked like a prism, you could see a definite body but it was prism like, kind of like looking at a crystal with the sun shinning on it. The strange thing was i was not scared..but time felt slow..and i couldn’t breath ( not in a scary way) it was only for a few seconds then disappeared. It was soooo beautiful i cried. The third encounter was in an arboretum in Long island. It was a hot day in the and my boyfriend at the time were laying in the grass hanging out by a dried up old fountain. This faerie appeared as a see through sphere. The only way i can describe it know when it’s super hot outside and you look down the road how it looks wavy due to the heat? Well it was sort of like that but a sphere that was in motion. It quickly came at us, as it came close to my face it transformed shape into what looked like something that had wings (butterfly like) still see through, then shot away very quickly. Seemed sort of playful :)
    Hope you all get the chance to see one one will change your view of life and the world forever.

  16. ritu says:

    i will be glad if i find one. am really interested in faeries. i will be waiting to see one.

  17. Mika says:

    About a year ago I went camping and hiked up to a waterfall, I saw lights of yellow, blues, and purple. My friend said it was probably the sun, but there was just something about them. Did I see faeries?

  18. jenny richards says:

    my friend abby is always saying I look, and act like a faerie. I am short, 4’11, with a very round face, round eyes slightly tilted upwards, and my ears are just barely pointed. I hate everything and anything to do with technology, concrete, buildings, all of it. And I am very good at twisting peoples minds. If you make me mad I can make you laugh, cry , then think your going insane. In that precise order. I like anything green. I will pick a leaf off a tree and eat it. Not very safe but still yummy. Do you agree with her? Or do you agree with me, that I am a normal, everyday human.

  19. Lorri says:

    I need some help. I saw something that i can barely explain, it woke me from my sleep, I have scratches on me , precisely they look small enough to be from a kitten..and have four “fingers” and a “thumb” type of claw marks..two sets of them. The scratches bled a little bit, but I didn’t notice until the morning. What I saw looked like water, structured into a shape..but the shape was unclear to me. It was about four feet wide (I believe there were 5 “beings” , and they were approximately 1 1/2 to 2 ft tall. Just standing still. Here’s an example of the look of the “water”- type beings…if youve seen the movie Predator then you will recall how the predator goes invisible, yet you can still make out his shape which looks almost watery in substance..THAT is almost exactly what I saw, except in a two ft tall form. I have been feeling tapping on my stomach when I lay belly down on my bed at night and I’ve also felt the bed vibrating several times. Does anyone know what it/they could be, or has anyone ever “seen” such a thing ? Any help is appreciated. Thank u

  20. ContactmeToTalkmore,know,teach,learn,etc. I'm always open minded. says:

    My great-great grandfather was a faerie…
    He was normal height, not too tall, not too short for the average person,
    could make things move, described as “telekenesis,” had a farm, grew things, brewed things, etc.
    He lived here.
    Blue eyes, and hairless. No hair even on his arms or legs, in the early 1900s, late 1800s, mind you.
    This may sound very odd,
    but the gifts have been passed down my family.
    And, that is the total truth.

  21. Fiona Broome says:


    What you’re describing is not likely to be fae. I recommend talking with a spiritual professional — like a priest or minister — about what you encountered. He or she will be able to give you better advice than I can.

    Your description of “Predator” and water-y beings might be something associated with your area. In that case, there might be a fae connection. However, I really can’t tell. You need someone local to help you.

    Talk with a spiritual professional. It should be someone you know and trust and someone who doesn’t charge you money for helping you.

    That’s the best place to start.

    Fiona Broome

  22. Marlee J. says:

    I believe that I am constantly toyed with by faeries. It may just be me being paranoid, but ever since I was a small child I have seen things, and felt things, in nature, in cities, at home, and at night that just cannot be entirely explained. Some days are better than others in terms of contact with benevolent and good natured beings (I have had some faeries play with my hair to comfort me, some touch my cheek as I meditate, and I have even had some whisper to me on the wind), but at night it seems as though I have tormentors. Instead of the kind presence I normally enjoy, the faeries are mischievous and cruel (They cast misplaced shadows, they fill my room with a malicious aura, and they hide/take my belongings). I am beginning to think that I have somehow offended the faeries but I do not understand how! Sometimes I hate that I can feel faeries, but then I remember the kind ones that I have, in a way, met. Sometimes being connected to faeries feels more like a curse than a blessing, so be sure to truly think long and hard about opening yourself up to beings you cannot fully understand. Do not condemn the faeries because of a few bad apples, but please contemplate possible consequences to your actions. Be wary not because of what they are, but because of WHO they can be.

    If what I have said above means nothing to you by all means open yourself to faeries, but please realize that not all faeries are kind-natured.

  23. Angel says:

    I do not know about fairies because I’m in Sri Lanka. I never had heard about strange things like fairies. But I want to know what they Look like, what can they do because I’m writing a novel about fairies.

  24. Brian says:

    I saw something that looked like a Faerie at Faerieworlds in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Not the wonderful people dressed in the most amazing clothes. But something late in the evening that seemed to glow. I felt like she took delight in what she was looking at. And she had a mischievously fun spirit or way about her. Sadly, she was gone too quickly.

  25. Lexi says:

    Umm….fairies are attracted to shiny things and cream. They absolutely love cream. But if you want to interact by force….throw some grains of salt or sugar. They have to count every grain, you know? Like fairies, I count grains and love cream :)

  26. Maryam says:


    If a fairy gives you something to eat, can you eat it?
    I am wounding because someone said its bat to.
    I haven’t seen a fairy though I would love to. I just found out about fairies today.

    Can good fairies be harmful or hurt you?
    Can they even turn bad by eny chances?

    There are a lot of trees around my house, but not much flowers. I even made a song for the fairies and 2 dresses.
    The dresses are a little too big, but I can fix that if the dresses don’t fit. What time should I sing the song for them and give them the present? Infact what time do they come out? To day,this morning,I wrote a letter to the fairies and am hoping they will wright back. Sometimes this all sounds too good to be true. But I believe in them with all my heat. I will try to gro flowers in my yard and make a place for the fairies to play and enjoy.

    Can you only be friends with fairies by looking in there eyes?

    It will be lovely,ang really really great full if you awnser my questions.

    … Maryam …

  27. Maryam says:

    What happens if fairies dont want to come to you and they think you are bad bud you really are not?

    Please answer,
    ~Maryam~ :)

  28. Diana says:

    I have actually had a few different experiences with fairies. I’m a bit more on the psychic side, so I can sense energies(positive and negative) and see very many beings, and now that I know you can see them out of the corner of my eye, think I have seen them more times than once(before I believed some were lost souls, so to say.)
    One of my most recent experiences(it happened about 1 or 2 weeks ago) was one I already knew was fairies. I was walking around in my backyard when I heard what sounded like 9-13 year old children laughing(so, about my age.)down by our creek. I went a bit closer to the line where my backyard meets the woods, and sure enough, 3 short-ish kids around 12-13 were there. A brunette boy wearing a blue plaid shirt, a blonde, sort of angelic looking girl wearing a light pink shirt, and a blonde boy in a slate-colored shirt. But there was a woman with them, with long, raven-black hair and I couldn’t tell what she was wearing, although she had something with dark blue and purple and her eyes had a violet hue I could tell from about 20 yards away. She glanced at me, albeit indirectly, and I was so stunned at her looks that I couldn’t process correctly. She had a definite fairy look about her. Light olive skin, high cheekbones and slightly slanted eyes. A prominent nose and medium lips.(and the scariest part about this is I’m just remembering how she looked now. All I remembered before was her hair.) she looked back at the children and they seemed to disappear. I was backing away, both frightened and calm, like meeting distance relatives. Then, I saw 2 deer run away.
    Is it possible that these people were something else?
    I also believe I have fae blood. I have the same sort of features as this woman, but with a blonde, almost brown hair. I have always been able to trick people and grab things without people noticing(although I always return them) and if you make me mad, people say I have a stare that could make flowers wilt. My eyes change color with my mood, and I’m typically very happy. I have a special connection with nature. I’m very tall, I’ll be over 6’2″ as an adult. I can occasionally move things by thinking of them, and I have a very round face with pointed ears.

  29. Diana says:

    What I forgot to mention- when I’m around batteries like phone and watch batteries, for example, the drain much faster than when they’re farther away. Watch batteries that last most people 1-2 years only last my mother and I about a month, but this doesn’t happen to my brother or father. Any idea why this may be?

  30. Tyler says:

    hello Fiona, I’m a new pagan and want to know if there is any kind of way to ward against dark fae. I’m not exactly scared, but i feel that it would be best to know these things as i plan to move to a more heavily forested area someday and become more connected to the natural world. if you can recommend some books or even a website i would be very grateful. thank you.

  31. tristin batterbee says:

    I came to this web to figure out what they look like because I am seeing little figures scampering across my room im kind of scared because they come out at dark they are three inches tall I can look at them they don’t disappear or any thing they seem nice they make a lot of noise running in my room I just don’t know what they are do you?

  32. Fiona E. says:

    Hi Fiona, I’m only ten (And as well share the same name), and last night, I got scared because I heard noises, and I got sent a chainmail repost thing. Then, I suddenly fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw a yellow ball of light, a orange ball of light, and a pair of hands and brown hair, with no light aura OR wings, on my drawers. I am nearsighted, so I couldn’t see their faces. A few hours after I woke up and got out of bed, I lay in my bed in the same position and took off my glasses. The balls of light weren’t there. Neither the hands and brown hair. But I saw something when I got close up to my drawer: two handprint-like stains, right where the fairy had her hands! The strange thing is, my sister told me, “If you truly believe in fairies, then they will protect you,” and the came! Is it possible my sister has a connection with fairies? My family has a history with them. My grandma saw them as a kid too.

  33. alexander says:

    is there any fae that looks like a humanoid insect about 2 feet tall or could this be something else entirely also every Halloween for the last three years around my house when i look in the sky i see giants made up of clouds walking across the sky probably not fae but do you know what they might be

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