Faerie windows or portals

Now and then, I see a window open up, usually high on the wall near the ceiling. It opens, the light is brilliant, sometimes I see a faerie (blurry sphere of light) fly into it, and then it closes. The whole thing takes about half a second.


It looks so much like the door Al uses in that old TV show, Quantum Leap, I’d think someone was joking if I hadn’t seen this myself, several times.

faerie window or portal
faerie window or portal
(simulated photo)
The light is generally white, with a bit of yellow and lime green (X-Files green) added to it.There are some horizontal bands where the amount of light and color varies.

I would guess that the windows are approximately 9″x12″, horizontal.The edges are slightly blurry, but I’m not sure if that’s just how I perceive it because the light is so bright.

The edges are certainly crisper than the way the spheres of light appear.

These windows rarely open in the same spot on the wall, twice in a row. They can open in different rooms, and on different walls. I don’t think these are stationary portals.

I’ve never seen anything emerge from the window; something always flies into it, or it opens and closes and I don’t see anything coming or going.

Then again, the whole process is so fast, I don’t even have time to point it out to anyone else in the room.

Others have seen this phenomenon in our home, but it’s very rare compared with the frequency with which we see the spheres of light.

I’m never afraid when I see the window open. My immediate reaction is pure fascination.

Also, I’m steadily impressed with how much it looks like Quantum Leap.

7 thoughts on “Faerie windows or portals”

  1. I think I saw a faerie window, it was a white/yellow color, but it only lasted a second. Was it my imagination or a faerie window? Also have you ever thought about writing a book about faeries? Because you know so much about them and I think you’d make a good writer.

  2. have you ever tried to touch the window? i mean the way you describe them it seems like it would be impossible to do it and most likely dangerouse as well but still?

  3. I never saw a faerie portal or window but I’m pretty sure I saw the fourth dimension portal open up on my staircase. It was glowing a flourescent purple and it said 4-D on it and then a flashing light and was gone.

  4. That’s interesting sacke i think you did see the 4-D. Wonder what would’ve happened if you stepped in

  5. mmmm hmmm but now i moved out and i’m in my apartment which is where i saw my first faerie, but the faerie was in the bathroom flying around…?

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