Faeries likes and dislikes

You do not have to believe in faeries. You must be willing to objectively see what’s going on around you, but you don’t have to believe.

The faeries are real, whether you believe in them or not. They won’t stay where they’re ignored or ridiculed, but they are very, very real.

I fully realize how odd it sounds, to say that I see faeries and interact with them. I mean, I would never mention this in conversation at a corporate cocktail party, and expect to be taken seriously!

However, I really do see them, and others do too, regardless of how they explain them. Even complete skeptics notice the flitting lights and shadows in our home, and often ask what they are. Sometimes I say, “I don’t know,” which is true. At other times, I’ll admit, “We think they’re faeries.”

Regardless of the explanation, the visitor will usually comment that he/she is still seeing these odd little things, later.

So, if you raise an eyebrow as you read this, it’s okay. I know that, whether or not you believe in them, you will see them if they’re nearby.

It will take an open mind to accept their reality.

How to attract faeries

How do you attract faeries? Like other beings, faeries have their own likes and dislikes. It’s difficult to say, “Oh, this will definitely work,” because they’re just like you and me in that respect.

We have our own reasons for going places.

For example, I love libraries but if the librarians are snooty, I won’t go back a second time.

So, if you don’t let the faeries know that you are aware of them and appreciate them, they may not return.

Here are common likes (and dislikes) of faeries:


  • Tidiness, order, and cleanliness, especially in the kitchen
  • Bread and cake – little bits set out in the evening
  • Something that clearly invites them. The faerie door is a good example.
  • Milk or water, set out in the evening, perhaps in a nice thimble (but not one made of iron or steel)
  • Glittery and shiny things – small bells, marbles, jewelry (no iron or steel)
  • Music – light, happy music, even singing in the shower can help
  • Low lighting – they are most often seen at dusk and dawn, but a small candle (electric is okay) can guide them to your home


  • Iron things. Especially scissors left out in plain view. Pins, knives, anything made of iron will frighten them, sometimes.
  • Clutter, disorder, stacks of things that haven’t been sorted, and so on
  • Bells. I know that some faeries like bells, but they are their own bells. If your cat wears a bell, or you have a very rude alarm clock, or something like that, the noise may drive away the faeries.
  • Water. Many “psychic” experiences are attributed to a deep, hidden stream under a building. Some faeries are the opposite: They don’t like to cross a stream, hidden or visible. (Then again, we have plenty of faeries who live in or near the water, so this isn’t a firm rule.)
  • Looking them in the eye. It is said that you can gain control over a faerie, especially a Leprechaun, if you look him/her straight in the eye and hold that gaze.

Forest illustration by Timo Balk
Used with permission.

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  1. I have enjoyed the company of the Unseelie for years now. Its not always pleasant, but they have offered me no real pain or discomfort. They speak very seriously amd look unkindly on the Seelie. I have heard they were the first and will be the last. I want to plan a trip to search for more in darker Europe. Advice?

  2. I loved this and so did my best friend we are 16 and thought of this very clever. We were wondering if it is possible that if you were nod born a fairie if you could become one

  3. Sorry but I disagree just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it isn’t there . I can talk from first hand experience that fairies are real and saying that you don’t believe effects their health . My great great grandfather was a german nëck fea and that blood was passed down to me so saying that offends me. Also his name was saint Nichols and he was german too .he delivered presents a long long time ago and then he just grew old and passed away. So ya they are all real wether you like it or not.

    1. Rachael, I’m sorry that you were offended by something said here, but I try to approve most comments, whether I agree with them or not.

      Speaking of that: I’m not convinced that simply saying you don’t believe affects the health of a faerie.

      It was a charming bit of fiction in Peter Pan when, to restore Tinker Bell’s strength, people were asked to say they did believe in faeries.

      No two people will share the same exact opinions about faeries; sooner or later they’ll encounter differences. In some cases, that’s due to cultural context – nearly all faerie lore is similar in many ways, but there are distinct differences between, say, Native American faerie lore and Asian faerie lore.

      And, if someone visits this website just to insist that faeries aren’t real, I usually wonder whether they’re trying to convince themselves more than us.

      I approve some unkind comments, simply to remind people that – even at this website – opinions can vary, widely. I discard about 95% of snarky comments, on both sides of the argument. I want this site to be realistic about faeries – both the sweet, gentle ones, and the mischievous, difficult ones. And, for me, part of the realism is remaining aware of public beliefs and blatant misunderstandings about faeries, and responding to comments as best I can.

      Sincerely, Fiona

    2. That which you believe is what reality presents. If you believe that non believers can hurt them by not believing, then that will be your reality. You control your reality, not the other way around <3

  4. One more thing to G one thing that really offends faeries is being called a demon so sorry. Also not everything is evil

    1. Rachael, assuming you were replying to a 2010 comment: G wasn’t saying that faeries are demonic. He (or she) was concerned about his experiences, and whether he should be concerned. I doubt that he thought faeries are demons. The problem is, demons seem to mimic many things. Though paranormal researchers most often find them mimicking ghosts, there’s no reason to assume that a demon couldn’t mimic what we consider faerie characteristics.

      And then there are the faeries in the Unseelie Court, and they might easily be confused with something bordering on evil; sometimes, they do very not-nice things. Remember, until around Shakespeare’s time, people had so many unpleasant – and sometimes frightening – encounters with faeries, they assumed that all of them were malicious. Puck’s closing monologue in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” helped change those attitudes.

      Sincerely, Fiona

  5. I met a fairy in Scotland and he was very kind, almost like a small animal, but with intelligent eyes. I stayed in a fairy glade on the Isle of Arran overnight and he appeared to me around sunset. I knew I could not break eye contact with him or he would be gone, so I beckoned him over and thanked him for letting me visit. It occurred to me that I had a little bread and cheese in my pack, so (without looking away) I carefully brought it out and offered him a piece. I had also bought some Highland scotch earlier, so I poured him a capful, and we sat there for a little while eating bread and cheese and sharing the whiskey. He never said a single word, so I started talking instead. Told him about who I was, where I was from, and how it was similar to his own country in some ways. I was telling him about bluegrass music, and I decided to pull out my phone and played him a song. He really liked that – his face got a big smile on it and he sat there rocking back and forth until it was over. Then, he got up, did a little bow, and walked off.

    Later that night, as I was setting up my sleeping bag, the fairies did play a little trick on me. All at once, the change that I was carrying in my pocket sprang out and flew all over the ground. I knew it was the fairies, so I didn’t get mad, but instead admitted aloud that it was a good joke. I managed to find most of my money again in the dark, minus one 50-pence piece. I said they could keep it: 50 pence is a small price to sleep with the fairies.

    I made a good dinner for myself and drank the rest of the Scotch, and had a great night sleep nourished by the babbling of a brook nearby. I awoke feeling very rested, and carefully gathered up all my belongings before thanking the fairies and departing.

  6. But what if anything can be done to appease the naughty fairies or for that matter find out if they are poltergeists. Mine have been making a lot of attempts to catch my attention lately. Ringing bells and making wing noises when I start my dance classical Indian practice. I noticed this started happening after and where I opened some Ayurvedic chakra incense. So I’m wondering if they like incense or something.

  7. Hi again Fiona I have not seen any Fay since 2017 and sence my last update my dog and cat passed on but I still have the oldest male dog caine I’ve been taking care off other dogs aswell but the reson I’m righting is I’ve a conspercy of Ravens that live nearby and on the chinese NEWYEAR It dropped a miniature pink plastic pig made in Germany Can it be a fairie changed into a Raven or are Ravens that smart ?

    1. Hi, Shawn! What an extraordinary experience, and on Chinese New Year as well. I’m intrigued by this.

      Ravens are intelligent, but I’m not sure they’re that intelligent. It’s possible it was a faerie. My best advice is to see which makes the most sense to you. Whichever it is, you’re probably right. (I’m a strong believer in personal impressions.)


  8. – [ ] Hi Feona the last time I wrote about my fairie experience I tought maybe it was an angle who came down in a cloud to the Apple tree where I was relaxing in the back sense that I haven’t seen it but it turns out I don’t have COPD which puzzled the docktor a none believer we’ll aug 2018 I was walking one of the dogs I watch for the owners when I looked over toward my house which is about three blocks and above it was a cloud shape of an angle holding a book I tried to get my camera out as it started to dissipate I got a pic you cand see it a bite and the next pic the cloud turned into three small clouds I was so afraid that one of my dogs were in trouble I picked up the little dog and started towards the house I’m panicking mode and just as I was leaving the park I looked up and I than seen four men’s faces in the cloud one had a Beard another had moustache the hair stood on my neck when I got home they were fine I never seen that before so later that year we lost our 16 year old cat and 16 year old doug and Dec 19 my friend broth his westie over for she was scheduled to be put down at two pm it was after eleven when she started to bark at something I went to the othe room and held the sacred hart fairie and asked if they would help so I went in and while she barked in distress I placed the stone on her chest she died right away it was hard thing to go through but her job was done So now I have only on seven pound dog left and still shovel the snow for the birds and extra food I feed the birds with now I also have a family of Ravens live here and all over town but sleep in the big ever green tree next door Chinese New Year’s Day my favorited Raven broth me a miniature plastic pink peg made in Germany vintage so is it a coincidence or are they that smart or is it a changeling I noticed people on your site have bad fairies I tell my guest to watch your cursing it will bring bad Energy I also notice a lot of Black tourmaline stone around the surface off the ground are the attracted to this Black crystal

  9. I find this really interesting, especially considering that according to an ancient legend of my families that I am part Fae and Tuath de Dunnan. I can verify that the Fae are very real, considering how a lot of these likes and dislikes line up with my families perfectly, and I’ve been hanging out with Fae a lot recently. I was wondering if when you have Fae blood running through your veins, can you exhibit the traits of Fae? I’m not talking about wings or various animal body parts, I’m talking about the litle things.
    My sister has unusually pointed ears, and her hearing is amazing. She also hoards shiny objects. I have an allergy to iron, and have been told that I look like a stereotypical faerie. I see things that many others don’t, as in creatures and animals. My mom, who carries the blood, sees the same things I do and has eyes so blue they almost glow. Are these fae characteristics, or just tricks of the light?

  10. So, my home is built against a creek fed by a natural spring. I felt drawn to the property the moment we drove up with the realtor…. I knew this was my home. There is a circle of trees where the backyard meets the ravine. The spring feeds in multiple directions, and meet in a curve at the corner of the property. So two natural circles. I felt energy there, which has recently led me to research fae lore. I believe I may have done some things that aren’t ok before I could name what the presence was. I sprayed weed killer in the front yard(there were more dandelions than grass) and I cut a sapling down near the creek. Today I connected the dots, and realized that they may not be especially happy with me. I went out and spoke to them, expressed my regret for cutting the tree down. I explained that I had just learned new information. As I approached the circle I saw a shimmer, like a barrier and many flying insects on the bark of the tulip tree. I acknowledged my belief, I stated that I was there to remove human influences ( litter, grocery bags, bits of plastic) and the barrier dissipated, the energy changed significantly. the previous owners had been throwing things in the creek. After cleaning up the things I could find , I explained that I would continue to clean at a later time of my own volition. I found a small glass jar, that I brought inside and cleaned. I put brown sugar and a chunk of cheese in the jar , and lightly pushed it in to the soft earth on the sides of the creek. I explained that I don’t know much, and that my gifts were the things I believed to be the cleanest (least chemicals) that I had. We have had an abundance of hornets or wasps outside since we moved in, but since I cut the tree they have inexplicably been finding their way inside. As I brought the trash to the trash can by the house I felt eyes on me. I turned around and a small chipmunk was making direct eye contact with me. When I looked away it vanished. ( not that a chipmunk couldn’t scurry, but there was energy flowing) . I’ve planted 50 strawberry plants , three blackberry bushes, a raspberry bush , tomato and pepper plants near the border of the yard/ravine in the last week. I think this may be why they allowed me to cross the barrier. Maybe I will plant some flowers along the curb and pull the remaining dandelions by hand. I’ve read that they can communicate with cats, and I am very bonded with my Milo and my Oscar (I chose cats over people years ago) so that would be in my favor. I love them dearly and I think they love me, as much as a cat can love a person. Is there anything else I can do?

  11. i am 15 years old when i was 13 i was living in my old house. one day at 1:00pm i was bored so i decided to (from my knowledge) put a napkin, a small bit of bread and a small plastic cup of milk out the back on a tree stump. at 4:00pm i went out there and it was gone as i was cleaning it up i heard a small laugh and as i looked up at my neighbors fence and i saw a fairy and then she flew off and i stood at the fence for 5 minutes but she didn’t come back

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