Seeing faeries

Faeries… would you like to see them? Many of us who see faeries are artists, or have had some art training.

This is a quick lesson in seeing faeries. It’s not difficult, but it might take some practice.

What people usually see

People usually see what’s in front of them. They mentally discard the unimportant parts of the image, and pay little attention to it. They may savor what the do focus on, but the rest isn’t that important.

So, walking over a hill, if someone sees a dolmen and two standing stones, it might look like this:

standing stones
Mentally, what people usually do is to focus on the dolmen and the stones, and discard everything else, so they see it like this:
b&w stones
just the stones
Faeries: What you should look forIn art, the stones are part of positive space, because they’re the subject that the viewer is focusing on. If they’re the subject of a photograph, painting, or sculpture, the rest of the setting may be eliminated, blurred, or largely ignored by the artist.

But, in considering the final product, the artist also considers the negative space. That is, what surrounds the stones, including the air.

When looking for faeries, the air is very important to us.

So, in addition to studying the stones, examine the negative space.

A few people see auras this way. Most artists are only vaguely interested in auras when they’re working, so they simply focus on the negative space. That’s what you’ll do, too.

Mentally, it might look like this

space around the stones
Or, you might see it more like this

highly-energized space around stones
What you’ll see, with practice: Faeries!After you’ve been observing negative space for awhile, your surroundings will take on new dimensions. Your thinking will change slightly as you perceive far more of life.I urge you to practice this daily in your spare time. Especially, walk outside and observe the space around trees, around buildings, around rocks, and even around blades of grass.

With practice, the world will seem a little more brilliant and interesting. It should become your normal way of looking.

And this helps you to see the faerie world as well.

Suddenly, when you look at a dolmen and standing stones, you’ll see the stones, but you’ll also see what’s around them.

It might look like this

stones & faeries
what you might see
(simulated picture)
I think this will make a big difference in how easily you perceive those moments when our world overlaps with the Otherworld, and when faeries visit our world.Related articles:

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6 thoughts on “Seeing faeries”

  1. Hi Fiona,

    I was wondering if you thought Faeries might defy our attempts to understand them? I was thinking about them and what role they might play in our natural world, while watching some bubbles swirl around in the sunlight in my fish tank. Maybe they are a phenomenon like the bubbles, part of physical rules not easily understood, but beautiful.

    Then I thought a faerie might not like being categorized like that so it might choose to be something else even if that did partially describe it before, in order to keep a simple mortal on his toes, so that he didn’t start to feel like a hot-shot know it all or anything.

    Also, I wondered if there is any evidence for faeries being a strictly natural phenomenon, or if they are supernatural?

    Thanks, like your website.

  2. Deanna, I think most fairy-seeing potions & lotions are fine as long as they’re “just for fun.” (Of course, check the ingredients for any safety issues.)

    Personally, I don’t think you actually need anything to see faeries, besides a belief in them.

    I’m not sure what you mean about the pictures. If you’re talking about the images on my website, check again. Even if I don’t log into this site, I’m seeing everything just fine. (If a specific graphic isn’t showing up, let me know.)

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